Postcard 7 – Simcoe WaveDeck – Ink Drawing

Simcoe WaveDeck is one of my favorite because of its unique architecture. During Summer season, kids love to use the highest deck as a slide, so it’s always full of life and energy – a great addition to the Toronto Waterfront in my opinion.

The temperature is dropping, so it was tough to finish the ink drawing in 1 session. In fact, it took me 3 sessions to complete because the spot I chose to sit was beside a bed of flowers, the pollen triggered my allergies during the 2nd session and I was constantly sneezing. In total, I believe I spent around 3 hours on the ink drawing. Here is the result, and some on-site pictures:

Postcard#7: Simcoe WaveDeck @ Queens Quay W & Lower Simcoe St - bw

Postcard 7 - On-site picture 1

Postcard 7 - On-site picture 2

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