Gouache – Caran d’Ache by Switzerland

beer bistro - 700x575

I’ve actually never heard of Gouache until last year, when I stumbled upon an artist’s portfolio.  At first, I thought the artist used watercolor as the medium, but I noticed the white color used for highlights – which is not possible considering watercolor’s transparent properties.  I did some research and found out that Gouache is very similar to watercolor, except it is made to become more opaque.  It is a mixture of pigment, a bindng agent, and sometimes added inert material to be used in an opaque method.

During my trip to Hong Kong, I picked up a set of Gouache and decided to try it out yesterday on my sketch. The medium seems to be more forgiving because of it’s opaque property, and applying the paint is very similar to watercolor.

Here’s the Gouache boxset from Caran d’Ache, which is made in Switzerland.  The quality of the paint is very good, and I highly recommend it.

gouache boxset

gouache boxset

gouache boxset

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